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I want to help you start your year with the utmost clarity about your life, your business and most importantly your purpose.

When I say purpose, I mean two things: 1. Why are you here? 2. What are you supposed to be doing?

These are timeless questions that we all should answer. Some people, however, don’t believe there is a purpose for their lives. I disagree. Every one of us has a purpose. However, it might take some of us longer to discover our purpose.

To learn what your purpose is, you must first remove all the preconceived notions from your mind.  Most of us were taught our jobs are our purpose or worse yet that we have no purpose.  Your job or business may not be your purpose. I have a simple process to help you get to your purpose. Having an open mind will allow this process to work more quickly.  It is as simple a process as you make it to be.  The more resistant you are the longer it will take to unearth your purpose.

To find your purpose:

  1. Gather a blank piece of paper and a pen (or use a computer)
  2. Write at the top of the paper – My true purpose
  3. Complete this first statement: I am passionate about… List everything that excites you, inspires you, motivates you or that you could talk about for hours? It doesn’t matter how long the list is, just list your passions.
  4. Answer this second question: What am I good at? Write down everything you might be good at. It could be singing, dancing, drawing, accounting, graphic design, algebra, playing video games or mentoring others. It doesn’t matter how many things you come up with, just list them.
  5. Take the list of your passions and narrow it by answering this question: If I could spend the rest of my life working on one passion, it would be?
  6. Take the list of what you are good at and narrow it by asking this question: If I could become the greatest in the world at one thing on this list, it would be this one.
  7. Now list your one passion and your one greatest thing on the same line.

Do what you are passionate about and do the one thing you believe you can become the greatest!

This process is simple.  And the more open-minded you are the faster you will uncover your true purpose.  For some it will be quick – for others, it may take hours or days.  For most, the first 20 minutes will simply be your mind clearing of clutter, then the magic begins.  Your answer will be coming from deep inside you. It will be what moves you to clarity.

There may be times during this exercise that you want to quit.  You may start with 100 different answers and think you will never get to the true purpose but trust that you will.  Stay at it.  If what you are passionate about is different than what you believe you can become the greatest at, it’s okay. Most of will end up with two or more different things.  Don’t stop until you come to that one true passion and the one thing you can become the greatest. Trust me, you will know it when you write it.

You will find that uncovering your purpose will be the easiest part. Living it is what will define you.  This is a very powerful exercise that can change your life.

Here is to your purpose,


PS: Check out this YouTube video where I discuss my Why. I discuss what inspires me to be a leader. This is the first part of my purpose:

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