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Have you ever set big goals for yourself? These goals may be personal or professional goals. Did you set out to achieve certain things by a certain time? Maybe you have given yourself an internal deadline to get things done? I think we all have done these things. It’s human nature to want to get things done for ourselves, our careers and our families. We make goals. We develop plans. We work to get things done. Then, something happens… gets in the way. We get distracted, side-tracked and even blocked from our goals.

Distractions from our goals can come in many forms. It could be other important priorities that come to the forefront of our lives. Our family and friends may need us to focus on them for a spell. It could be a change in life circumstances like a job change, a health challenge, a new baby, an aging parent, a marriage or maybe even a divorce. Sometimes it might be something simple, like procrastination. I believe that procrastination is a result of us losing focus on the benefits and rewards of achieving our goals. Did you know that one out of five people procrastinate so badly that it may be jeopardizing their jobs, their credit, their relationships, and even their health? Some statistics report that 40% of people report a financial loss due to procrastination! Have you experienced any of these challenges? I know I have. So how do we snap ourselves out of the spell of procrastination? How do we get ourselves back on track to achieve our personal and professional goals? How do we achieve and keep the mindset of success?

A few years ago, my beautiful wife, Tiffany, introduced me to a process to eliminate the distractions, reduce the procrastination and to refocus on my goals. It was a process to ensure completion of my plans for success. The process is designed to help anyone regroup and restart on their goals. It can even help bring clarity to what’s most important in your life. This process is called the 30-Day Mental Fast. The 30-Day Mental Fast is an 8-Action Step process of clearing your mind and body of the clutter and negativity that makes us doubt the success journey that we are on in life. The 30-Day Mental Fast could be the most challenging but potentially goal changing exercise that you have ever tried. It will push you in ways that you haven’t been pushed before.

When I did the 30-Day Mental Fast first time in 2013, it truly had an impact on me. I cleared my mind of clutter. It reduced my stress level and I was able to focus on planning my future. It was only three months after completing the Fast that I finished my time in President Barack Obama’s Administration and started my own business as a speaker, trainer and leadership coach. This is how developed my leadership consulting model.  It was amazing how clear and positive my mind became after doing most of these steps. Even more amazing, I found myself more productive than ever before. My work ethic was off the charts. Because of my focus on these 8 steps, I earned six-figures in my first year as an entrepreneur! I even lost 25 pounds. The benefits of this fast are long term and empowering.

It is time for another 30-Day Mental Fast. Beginning July 1, 2019, I am challenging anyone that wants to blow their annual goals out of the water to try this 30-Day Mental Fast. Half of 2019 is over. Please don’t look back in December 2019 and find that procrastination and distractions got the best of you; that you didn’t achieve all you wanted to achieve. I hope you will make a commitment to complete this 30-day challenge. You will gain incredible focus, clarity, and momentum towards achieving your goals. If you don’t, at least you will be in better physical health and mental health. That might be well worth it anyway.

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