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In the healthcare environment employee engagement, team productivity, and customer satisfaction can be turned upside down by bad workplace culture. It’s more important than ever for meeting planners to have access to unique and fresh insight that cuts through the clutter and provides a roadmap for what works and what doesn’t.

I love to speak to audiences who are tired of leadership speakers that stay general and rely on the same old platitudes we’ve heard a million times.

Leveraging case studies from my own work with some of America’s biggest employers and thought leaders, I teach audiences of all sizes how to develop a world class culture that builds inspired leaders that take action and transform lives.

I want to hear more about your next event and explore whether or not I may be a great fit as a speaker.

Please email me here to start that conversation.

Popular Presentations

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The Presidential Principles: How to Inspire Action and Create Lasting Impact

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can become a world-class leader that has a lasting impact on the team and organization you lead. Anton Gunn has spent 20 years learning from and teaching with some of the most impactful leaders in the United States of America, including the last five Presidents of the United States. Learn the simple and impactful skills, that will allow you to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts.

Wu Tang Leadership: How to Leverage Talent for Maximum Impact

How do the best leaders leverage no matter who’s on the team? What leadership competencies are required to see the best in team members and bring out their best? This motivating, eye-opening and engaging session reveals an innovative, inclusive and purpose-driven approach to leveraging diverse talent within teams to achieve maximum results.

Raising C.A.I.N.: How to Increase Your Impact as a Leader

For nearly a decade, Anton Gunn has been a history-making leader in the United States of America. He has inspired and empowered thousands of people to become effective leaders. He has even provided advice and consulting to some of the most impactful leaders in America. From Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Hip Hop group, Public Enemy to the President of the United States, Anton will teach you the simple and impactful skills, that will allow you to increase your impact as a leader. Anton Gunn will share the four keys that will allow you to yield greater influence in your personal life and professional career.

The Addversity™ of Diversity: How Great Leaders Drive Innovation

Anton Gunn is a diversity practitioner with twenty-five years of dynamic professional experiences in music, sports, politics, and healthcare. He shares how diversity and inclusion are the keys to industry innovation. From the moment he begins, Anton will help your team understand how to increase employee engagement and increase results by developing and executing the traits of an inclusive leader. Your attendees will be motivated for success in leading diverse teams. They will be empowered to become the best leaders they can be and to make a difference in the lives that they touch.

Keynotes customized to your audience

Most of Anton’s keynote speeches are designed specifically for the audience’s needs, so if you have a certain topic in mind, please email him to talk more about it.

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