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Its Time To Move On

How long have you been in your current role? Has it been 10 years or more?  If so, it’s time to move on.

If you manage or lead people in your organization and you have been in your same role (with the same responsibilities) for the last 10 years or more….you are hurting your organization.

You may not realize this, but you are likely also hurting your career and the people you lead. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You have become too comfortable in your role. Long-time leaders know everything there is to know about the roles they are in. There isn’t much they can learn or be taught. When this happens, they lose the sharpness that made them an asset in the role. Also, leaders lose their passion and creativity when they get comfortable. Their comfort also stifles the creativity and productivity of their subordinates. Which leads to the second point.
  2. You are not making enough room for younger and newer leaders. Tons of data show, talented people are the most important commodity in successful organizations. Most organizations are in a bitter fight with their competitors for talent. Companies fight hard to get talent. No one wants to lose their talent. If you don’t create space for emerging leaders to play bigger roles (including your role), they will leave and go work for someone else. This turnover will hurt your organization long term.
  3. You are losing touch with the people that matter the most (your customers and front-line people). The longer you hold a leadership position, the more entrenched you become in the business of the organization. This means you have less time to spend with the people who are the lifeblood of the organization, the frontline. Losing touch with your primary constituents means you could miss emerging trends and challenges. This will leave you with an outdated strategy that doesn’t work today, even if it worked ten years ago.

I know all of this might sound harsh. It’s not intended to be. I believe you care about your organization and about the people you lead. If you do care about them, after 10 years, you know it might be time for a new role and a fresh perspective. If you don’t care about the people that you lead, then you are confirming why it’s time to move on.

Seriously, it’s time for transition.              


P.S – Next week, I will share more about the problems and perils of leaders who stay too long. And what to do about it. This subject applies to everyone whether you are a leader or not. Check out this Forbes Article: Ten Ways It Hurts You To Stay In One Job Too Long

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