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I recently read a story about a technology company that has settled a major age discrimination lawsuit. This company has also been accused of racial and gender discrimination in recent years. The same company had other employees to walk off of their jobs, to protest the treatment of women in the workplace.
Clearly, something is wrong in this company’s work environment to have so many accusations and even settlements of claims of discrimination. There are other stories that even say, this tech company has “lost its’ soul” in the quest for more money and bigger profits.
In my experience, if the work environment has gotten so bad that employees are filing multiple lawsuits, your company doesn’t have a soul. Not only do you not have a soul, but you also have a toxic workplace culture.

Soulless, toxic workplace culture is costly to all companies in all industries, however, in tech, it cost $16 Billion a year. According to a new study by the Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll, mistreatment in the workplace is the number one driver of turnover.

The study found that while people leave jobs for any number of reasons, thirty-seven percent said that unfair treatment led to them to want to leave their jobs. For all respondents, 85% have witnessed some level of unfairness and mistreatment in the workplace.
This toxic workplace culture reflects managers and leaders who are not equipped with the skills or resources to build an environment where all employees are valued, respected and included in the organization culture. When your leaders don’t have the right skills or resources to serve the people you lead, your organization can easily be seen as callous and toxic.
So, I want to offer you a brief video of three ways, you can avoid seeming soulless as a leader in an organization. This video will also help you avoid unfair or discriminatory practices while building a world-class culture in your organization.

I Know You Got Soul,


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