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There are five days left in this calendar year. Are you ready for next year? Most of us hope to be. We all want a fresh start. We make New Year’s Resolutions. We set new goals and objectives. We believe that this year will be our year.

There is one problem. I find that some leaders haven’t gotten past the challenges, mistakes, and burdens from the current year. We allow these burdens to linger in our lives and they sit like a weight on our shoulders. We tend to carry these burdens with us into the new year. I like to refer to these burdens as “dirt”.

We sometimes accumulate lots of dirt through the year. This dirt can slow you down if you don’t remove it. The dirt can also make you feel bad about your lack of progress.

I don’t want you to go into 2019 with that dirt on your shoulders. We must make sure you wipe everything unsettling and soiled away before going into the new year.

I wanted to offer you four keys that can help you “get that dirt off your shoulders” before the start of 2019.

  1. Trace It: (Trace the Dirt). Identify who are the haters, what are the challenges and mistakes that are holding you back. Make sure you write them down. You must know your enemy to beat your enemy. You must identify the source. It’s not always easy to identify and understand what’s holding you back. It might be other people, it might be your mindset. The first step toward having a great year is to understand why you didn’t achieve the way you set out to achieve.
  1. Face It (Face the Dirt). You must call out your challenges. If some people are holding you back, you must let them know they are holding you back. If its other obstacles holding you back, you must name those obstacles. Is it fear? Is it time? Is it money? Is it procrastination? Whatever it is, you must call it out. You must say out loud, “Friend, your negative energy is slowing me down.” Or “My lack of money has kept me from investing in my own professional development.”. You must face your dirt by calling it out.
  1. Erase It (Erase the Dirt). If you have identified and called out the obstacles that are holding you back, your next step is to erase the burden of these challenges. It’s time to brush the dirt off your shoulders. To do this, you need to replace those challenges and burdens with positive action steps. If your burden is doubt, you need to build your belief system. If your challenge was a person with negative energy, you need to remove yourself from that person’s presence. At a minimum, you should reduce your time around them. You must Erase the Dirt.
  1. Replace It (Replace the Dirt). Once you have traced the source of the dirt, faced the actual dirt and erased the dirt…you now need to replace the dirt. You need to add positive, enabling things into your daily life. Maybe it’s reading and reciting daily affirmations, maybe its finding new people full of positive energy in your life. Whatever it is, you need to fill your life with it, so the dirt has no place to sit.

If you focus on addressing these four points as you plan your year, you will start 2019 with a new mindset. You will get all the dirt off your shoulders. You will be ready to rip and run towards your goals. You will be ready to win.

Just repeat this phrase aloud: “Trace It, Face It, Erase It, and Replace It! I’ve Got to Get That Dirt off My Shoulders!

Here’s to Getting That Dirt Off Your Shoulders!


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