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I am so excited to share some big news today – I have a new book coming out next week titled The Presidential Principles How to Inspire Action and Create Lasting Impact (Advantage, 2018).

I’m am so grateful that this book has come to life. It was an incredible labor of love to put this book together. I feel great about what this book will mean to people at all phases of their leadership journey.

I am humbled that the President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, Steve Benjamin, contributed the foreword to the book and called it “inspiring and astounding.”

So, what are the Presidential Principles?

  • 22% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization has a clear direction for the organization. (78% of leaders aren’t providing clear direction)
  • 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization makes them enthusiastic about the future. (85% say their leadership doesn’t make them feel enthusiastic about the future)
  • 13% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization communicates effectively with the rest of the organization. (77% say their organization doesn’t communicate effectively).


These statistics are even more alarming during our nation’s longest running economic boom.

So, what’s the problem?

Many businesses and organizations don’t have a long term, strategic approach to leadership development and employee engagement. This results in a work environment that breeds high turnover, low employee morale, burnout and poor financial results.

In this book, I make a case for serving and empowering those you lead over managing them as the most important growth tool for your business and, by extension, your impact. I provide a specific system you can use to grow your impact.

I developed these principles over the last twenty years by learning from of the most significant leaders in American history. I also modeled leadership practices that I learned from leaders that inspired me to become a difference maker in the lives of other people.

Historically, American presidents have represented the apex of leadership. When we read the names of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy, we know these men were Presidents of the United States and because of their leadership, they had a life changing impact on our country. We require nearly every student in our public schools to learn their story and their achievements. They were difference makers in the lives of the people they served and we still feel the positive impact of their decisions today. Their leadership has lasting impact.

It’s my belief that this type of lasting impact is not limited for the President of the United States. Each of us in business and in life can have a similar lasting impact on those you touch, if you model the right systems and practices. And for nearly twenty years, I have helped healthcare organizations develop customized, actionable plans that strengthened leadership, drive employee engagement, and increase patient satisfaction. My framework will help your organization build a world-class leadership culture with committed, engaged and happy employees that increase the bottom line for your business and your patients. You can have a presidential impact.

I know you can have a presidential impact. In my book, I share that I have had personal encounters with the last five U.S. Presidencies, particularly the Presidencies of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. These four men and each of their leadership decisions had a lasting impact on my personal decisions as a leader. Each of them collectively, have given me examples of leadership that illustrate a model of leadership that we all can live by. This will increase your impact as a leader as they have increased my impact.

In my new book, you’ll read about numerous other leaders—previously unknown to the larger world but have modeled the presidential principles and will never be forgotten in their business and professions. I also share the presidential impact these leaders have had in my development. You may not know the names of Ralph Gahagan, Lenora Reese, David Coryell, or Arlene Andrews but they are presidential leaders. They have left a huge legacy. Collectively, these ‘presidential leaders’ and these US Presidencies have helped me to develop a framework that is the difference between good outcomes and great outcomes for your colleagues, clients, team members and customers.

I hope my new book empowers business owners, leaders and experts around the world to make a much larger impact with their work and I hope that group includes you.

I kick-off our book tour in Washington, DC on September 13th and I’ll keep you posted on future events. If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can find it on Amazon and on my website.


PS – Check out this behind the scenes video where I discuss some details about writing and my new book

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