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Last week, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity. I spent a few hours with former Minnesota Vikings and NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Fran Tarkenton.

Mr. Tarkenton and his team invited me to his offices to discuss my book, The Presidential Principles. Many pro-football fans know Fran Tarkenton for his exploits on the gridiron but they don’t know him for being the CEO of the Tarkenton Companies. Fran is a self-described “Serial Entrepreneur”. He is a hands-on entrepreneur who has launched some 20 companies since retiring from his NFL Hall of Fame career. The Tarkenton Companies has helped over 300,000 small businesses to start and grow while also helping to identify new opportunities in fast-changing business environment.

It was an amazing opportunity to share the leadership principles from my book with Mr. Tarkenton and his team. I think we both learned a lot, however, I believe I learned much more. Fran was kind enough to share his business philosophy with me. Now I share it with you.

Fran explained his core philosophy this way:

  • There is only one reason for a business to exist—to provide products and services that enhance and improve the quality of life of its customers.
  •  Nobody has all of the answers, so it’s incumbent upon business leaders – the good ones – to assemble a team that brings together the best of everything.
  • You must put together a team that’s motivated by winning customers’ respect, by answering their needs, and by providing the highest level of service and commitment possible.

What a world-class business philosophy! His principles fit right into the principles I shared in my book. When you make a commitment to service and empowering a team to be their best, you will leave a legacy that enhances and improves the quality of life of your team and customers.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a legend. I hope you learned something too.



PS: Fran Tarkenton and I plan to do other things together in the coming months. Stay tuned for the announcement. Until then, check out this great piece by Fran Tarkenton in Entrepreneur Magazine

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