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Have you ever worked in a place and saw something completely unfair happen to a person? They could have been written up for something they didn’t do. Maybe they were “dressed down in a meeting” by their supervisor? Maybe it was you that experienced some level of unfairness from a manager, supervisor or leader.
No one wants to be treated unfairly. We definitely don’t want to be treated unfairly by our boss or leader. However, we know people that experience unfairness in the workplace on a regular basis. When this happens, things quickly go from bad to worse.
In the workplace, responses to unfairness by a leader can cause passive-aggressiveness, disengagement, distrust, hostility and outright revenge on the leader. This is how the unfairness of a leader can create a toxic environment.
Most leaders don’t recognize that they have done something unfair. They somehow believe they are doing the right thing by aggressively managing. However, they are making a huge mistake by treating their team members unfairly.
If you are a leader, and you have ever been told that you treated someone unfairly, it’s your most important responsibility to make it right with that person.
So, I wanted to share the seven steps that you should go through when you treat someone wrong or make a mistake. You have to “Make it Right”.
The Seven Steps to Make it Right

  1. Awareness: Become self-aware about the mistakes you have made.
  2. Acknowledgment: Verbally and publicly acknowledge the mistakes. 
  3. Accountability: Take complete ownership and responsibility of the mistakes.
  4. Apologize: Say “Yes I did it.” Say “I am sorry”.
  5. Assessment: Look at the short-term and long-term consequences of the mistake. Bring other people in to help you to decide what you should do. Hire the right people who can be objective to help you to make this decision.
  6. Action: Take action to correct the mistake. Your leadership should become a verb! MAKE IT RIGHT!
  7. After Action Report: Show and tell everyone in the organization the action you took to make it right. See how things improve. See what else you can do to make things right.

You can repeat these steps over and over until you make things right. This is about justice. This is about ending the unfairness of the situation. This is about being a leader that makes it right.  I believe this is what socially conscious leaders do. They make it right. Whatever it takes, they Make it Right.

Remember, there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.


PS: Check out this article on the Consequences of an Unfair Workplace

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