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I am excited to share with you some details about my new book that will be released next month! My book is called, The Presidential Principles: How to Inspire Action and Create Lasting Impact. Next week I will tell you what the book is about. First, I want to share with you WHY I have written this book.

We live in some difficult times. Whether it’s what’s going on in the world or in our lives, things can be difficult. We do our best to work our way through these times but things can get tough. Things particularly get tough in our jobs, careers, and business. There is nothing tougher than being stuck in a bad organizational culture, with a bad leader. I think this is one of the hardest things we face. A bad culture, coupled with a bad leader makes it almost impossible for us to perform well. These things make us disengage. It makes us not perform our best.

I personally understand how bad culture can create bad leaders and disengaged team members. Nearly 30 years ago, I was a disengaged team member and a marginal performer on a bad team. I was trapped in a bad culture, with a bad leader. Maybe you are trapped in a similar work environment too.
Bad leaders and bad organizational culture destroy employee morale which results in low engagement and low customer satisfaction. This increases turnover rates, the cost of doing business and even causes people to burnout.

In our nation’s hospitals, health systems, and other related organizations. This bad culture and bad leaders have become devastating. According to the Harvard Business Review, patient satisfaction and quality of care have become make or break for America’s healthcare systems. Good patient satisfaction and quality outcomes are highly dependent on the engagement, skills, dedication, and diversity of the healthcare workforce. Currently, less than half of the healthcare workforce is highly engaged. This lack of engagement costs health systems two percent in reimbursement each year.

For some hospitals that is one-third of their annual profit!

According to Gallop, the number one driver of employee engagement in the US Healthcare industry is leadership. How effective organizations are in creating an engaging and high performance-oriented work experience drives quality outcomes.

Frankly, I believe that in these tough times, everyone deserves to work for a world-class leader. Not just in healthcare but everywhere.

I have been fortunate to provide leadership at all levels and using the skills I learned from personal life experiences with five US Presidents, I have learned what it takes to be a world-class leader. I have provided leadership development services to leaders at all levels from the c-suite to the front-line. Now, I will share my experiences to help others. Again, I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to work with and work for a world-class leader.

This will help you build a world-class leadership culture with committed, engaged and happy people that increase the bottom line for your business and the people you serve.

This is my why.


PS: I’m so excited about my new book. I wrote The Presidential Principles: How to Inspire Action and Create Lasting Impact. It’s now available for pre-sale on

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